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Diffused LED (3mm, 5mm) [1550130 - 15500599]
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Brand China OEM
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Size, Colors

Size, Color, Stock Code

3mm, Red 1550130
3mm, Red (Orange Top) 15501301
3mm, Green 1550131
3mm, Amber 1550132
3mm, Blue 15501321
3mm, Yellow 15501322
5mm, Red 1550054
5mm, Yellow 1550055
5mm, Green 1550056
5mm, Blue 15500598
5mm, White 15500599

Diffused LED (3mm, 5mm)

Conventient for DIY and repair equipment and electrial appliances


  • Perfect use for home, ofice and industry elsctrical equipment and electrial appliances


Tech Specs:


Attributes Values
Current 20 mA
Voltage 3 V
Colours See Options




What's in the box

1 x LED

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